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Advanced Well Control Systems

Pearce Engineering handled all aspects of mechanical design, industrial design, development, engineering and manufacturing for this cutting edge oil and gas company. Multiple unique enclosure designs were requested that would pass rigorous thermal, stress, strain, weight, and size requirements. Pearce Engineering also assisted in prototype development, hands on buildup, and debugging of initial prototypes.


Lockheed Martin

Pearce Engineering contributed Mechanical Design Engineering work on the BV+ (Booster Vehicle) program. Goals were to design and re-engineer prototype defense missile components using Pro Engineer 2001. We prepared engineering changes, prepared and reviewed red-line drawings on existing engineering, and provided the shop floor with necessary information to build improved Booster-Vehicle program missiles to


J.F.Taylor, Inc.

Pearce Engineering assisted J. F. Taylor with their mechanical design engineering needs. Our tasking was to design and re-engineer prototype flight simulator components using Pro Engineer 2000i2. We organized an antiquated drawing package of an SH-60B flight simulator project for shop technician use, provided support and guidance for the shop technician team, and interfaced with vendors, shop technicians, management,



Serving as an in-house mechanical engineer...

Pearce Engineering assisted SAIC in supporting the Army Research Laboratories (ARL) and the Survivability and Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD).


AR-15 Handle

The AR-15 is a widely popular assault rifle in the gun sporting industry.

Pearce Engineering designed a specialty handle with a ball mount, allowing the user to adjust the grip for comfort and ergonomic fit, making the handle ideal for use for long periods at a time.