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Pearce Engineering is a full service mechanical engineering firm. We provide expertise in all mechanical engineering services ranging from design and engineering through development and manufacturing.

Development and prototyping services

End-to-end project management
Material sourcing
Machine shop sourcing and coordination
Product pricing
Manufacturing sourcing
SLA and SLS rapid prototyping
Prototype debugging
First run production debugging
Patent Development
Design enhancements
    Mechanical design services

Material selection
Industrial design
Product design
Thermal analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Engineering Manufacturing
Invention Assistance
Industrial Design

what we offer

As a smaller firm, Pearce Engineering is lean and flexible. We can ensure your products are developed on time, within budget, and provide the one-on-one attention required to complete the job the way you want it done.


"The team at Pearce Engineering was helpful during every stage of the project. 'Problems' were embraced as 'challenges', which they overcame quickly, with savvy, and incredibly impressive results."

Monte Losaw

"I loved working with a team that was flexible, professional and could give one-on-one attention when I needed to contact them. All-in-all, it was a superior experience at a competitive cost. "

Gregg Cassarini

"It's nice to work with a company that doesn't shun smaller projects. No matter what size project I've brought to Pearce Engineering Design, they've embraced it and treated it with as equal importance as any other project."

Stew Miller

"I had a project with a couple of unique traits that I was nervous about presenting to an engineering firm. Pearce Engineering Design was able to approach the project with an innovative mind-set and delivered a product that kept the consumer top-of-mind."

Kevin Barker